Thank You for watching the video tutorials of The HAPPINESS CIRCLE.


Understanding those principles and applying them is a true life-changer. You just learned, how real happiness occurs. Unlike most people, chasing Rubber Balls all their life, you now understand how important it is to focus on your Crystal Balls in order to strengthen your Foundation of Life. Based on a strong foundation, your Rubber Balls will as a consequence prosper abundantly.

The Life Score worksheets will help you determine your current level of happiness. For each aspect, you can score yourself on a scale from 1 to 10. The questions in the second sheet can help you to determine your scores more accurately.

HAPPINESS is a feeling based on your emotions, reflecting your state-of-mind. Do your Life Score every 4 weeks and compare. You will quickly see where you are heading. Make necessary adjustments every day. Baby steps at a time will create miracles long term!

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